Donate Your House

You can click the link to fill out a Vacation Property Donation Form online today!

Vacation House Angels are Key

As a property owner, it is likely that your vacation house is your home away from home.  It is used as a get- away where your family creates wonderful memories together.  Imagine if you had battled cancer and didn’t have this luxury.  Going through treatment can be physically, emotionally, and financially exhausting.   A Little Pink Houses retreat allows families to rejuvenate and celebrate the gifts of each individual member of the family at absolutely no cost to the family.  Little Pink Houses of Hope was founded by a breast cancer survivor who understands the need for families going through the cancer journey to live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper.

Who are Vacation House Angels?

Retreats are made possible by a generous group of individuals called Little Pink House Vacation House Angels.   House Angels donate their home for a week long retreat.  Vacation House Angels understand that their donation offers a safe and relaxing environment for families to stay connected, thrive, and grow during this one of a kind, unique, life changing experience.

Celebrating our Vacation House Angels

Your home will be used exclusively by 1 family.  Each family will have private housing to create an environment that focuses on spending quality time together.

As a Little Pink House Vacation House Angel you will be receive

  • Outdoor house sign during the retreat week
  • Indoor house recognition picture
  • LPHOH Gift
  • The joy of making a difference to a family in need

Little Pink Houses of Hope is seeking homeowners who are willing to donate their home for a weekly rental.  If you are willing to discuss possible donation, please contact Kathy Gates at or call 336-213-4733. You may also click the link to fill out a  Vacation Property Donation Form online today!