Little Pink on the flipside. Participant to volunstar

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Katie Edick
2018 VolunSTAR
September Grand Haven, MI

Little Pink Houses of Hope is forever imprinted on my heart. Last year I was a participant being loved on to the max and this year I got to be a volunSTAR. To put others before me. To see the families interact. To see adults and children making connections and bonding. To see women being empowered to do activities they did not think their bodies could handle. To see huge smiles and hear lots of laughter. To know how it felt in their shoes made me work harder and intentionally so that families could have those same magical feelings of having volunSTARs that care for them and are ridiculously present so they could just be present with their own family and enjoy all that was offered. That was my goal. This retreat fed my soul and I am so happy that I could pay it forward.

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