Our 1st real vacation since diagnosis

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Jennifer Roush
2017 Participant/Breast Cancer Survivor
May Scottsdale, AZ

Going into the retreat we didn’t have any high expectations, we were just grateful to have a real vacation for the 1st time in almost 8 years. When we arrived and taken to our home for the week, we were blown away and couldn’t imagine that the rest of the week could top such a gracious space. Boy we were wrong. We are so very grateful for all the time, effort and love put into everything, including the activities and meals. For the 1st time in a very long time I felt comfortable. It was great meeting so many other families going through similar things that totally understand and have a lot of the same feelings you do that others may not understand. Most days living with cancer is lonely, but to be able to step away and keep your mind & body busy work the week is a great refresher to push forward. We are forever grateful for the lasting friendships and new extended family we have gained.

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