Retreat FAQ

How much does it cost?

Our retreats are offered at no cost to participants.   Travel to, from and during the retreat is the participant’s responsibility.  Our retreats are possible thanks to the generosity of many individual, business, and community Little Pink Houses of Hope supporters.

What if I am single, can I still apply?


Are we required to participate in all the activities and meals LPHOH provides?

No. The only required events are the opening and closing dinner.

When will we hear if we have been selected?

Rolling applications will be accepted in 2018 until July 13, 2018.  Notification for those who have been accepted will be given 2-3 months prior to their retreat acceptance.  Due to the large volume of applications, we cannot respond to each application.

Where are the retreats being held?

The retreats are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, and California.  We use donations of houses from generous donors who believe in our mission.  When necessary, we rent houses to ensure adequate housing for participants and staff.  While the retreats are held throughout the country, our main office is in Burlington, North Carolina.    Click here for 2018 retreat dates.

What services are provided?

Each participant is housed in their own property** and has a kitchen stocked with breakfast and drink needs.  Common meals are held for lunch and dinner, allowing you to meet and enjoy getting to know other participants on the same journey.  During the week, a schedule of daily activities is created based on local community donations secured.  In the past, activities have included, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, golf, art classes, massage, fishing, sailing, concerts, carnivals, etc.  Activities vary at each retreat based on donated services.

** The fall couples retreat will be held in a beautiful sound-side palatial house in Buxton, NC.  All couples will be housed in the same house with the volunteer couples. Each couple will have a private master suite and bathroom.   To view the house and location for the couples retreat, click here.

What is your criteria for selecting families?

To attend a retreat, participants submit an application and medical clearance from their oncology health care team.  The following prioritization is given during the application process:

  • Tier 1:  Applicants who are currently undergoing treatment
  • Tier 2:  Applicants who have finished treatment within the past 6 months
  • Tier 3:  Applicants who have finished treatment within the past 12 months.

What are the requirements for cancer retreat attendance?

  • You are ambulatory
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You are currently a patient who has undergone treatment for breast cancer within the past 12 months under the care of a licensed physician

What does a week at a retreat look like?

A typical week includes:

  • Individual Housing – Each participant will have private housing to create an environment that focuses on spending quality time together.
  • Common Dining– Two meals are served each day in a common space such as a restaurant, civic building, or park. This will allow participants a way to meet and build relationships with other participants and remove the burden of meal preparation.
  • Morning Programs– Each day, activities are planned for the morning in which attendees can participate. Activities are determined by location, available resources and personnel, and participant interest.
  • Optional Participation – Participants can choose to participate in the activities on any given day or may choose to reconnect on their own. Participation in the activities is always optional, never mandatory. Our goal is to assist in creating a week that all participant’s needs are met to rejuvenate as a unit.
  • Afternoon Enjoyment– Little Pink Houses generally will not have any programs or activities planned in the afternoon. This is a time to rest, relax on the beach, go on a private outing, meet with new friends – just about anything. On occasion, the schedule does include an afternoon activity rather than a morning activity.
  • Evening Fun– Each night, we will host an activity in which participants can participate (examples: Adult night out for 2 with babysitting provided, mini golf, go carts, movie night, talent night, bonfire, etc.) Activities are determined by location, available resources and personnel, and participant interest.
  • Retreat support – You will be supported during the week by a personal liaison we lovingly call a VolunSTAR. This volunteer will help you enjoy the week by greeting you as you arrive, preparing your property, enjoying meals with you and sharing your experience. They do not stay with you, counsel you or hover over you. They are there to help you understand the schedule, enjoy the retreat and surround you with Little Pink hugs.

I want to come to a retreat, but don’t know if my family can attend for the whole week.  Should I apply?

No.  The week is designed to maximize the ability to use donated properties and services and it would not be fair for you to take the slot of someone who could attend for the entire week.  Please do not apply if you cannot attend for the entire week.

Who can attend?  Can I bring my in-laws, grandchildren, etc.?

Little Pink retreats can be attended by anyone currently living in the home with the cancer patient.   Understanding that all families look different and that the cancer journey can change those roles by having a mother or caregiver move in, we want to accommodate those needs.  In special circumstances, we have evaluated individual requests, especially by our single patients.  The purpose of our retreats is not to serve as a family reunion for extended family.  Please do not apply if this is your expectation.

How much does it cost for a family to attend?  A volunteer?
Retreat participants attend at no cost.  They are only responsible for their transportation to, from and during the retreat. Volunteers not only give a week of their vacation to serve our participants, they also have a goal to raise $300 to attend.

What type of donations do you need?
We are looking for participant and volunteer sponsors, donations of retreat housing and supplies, auction items, and fundraising event support. Every financial donation is important to us and makes a difference in fulfilling our mission. Please see our Hope Collections Brochure for more details on supply drives!

You can also support Little Pink Houses of Hope Retreats by:

  • Supporting our corporate sponsors
  • Cash or in-kind donations
  • Facilitating a corporate sponsorship
  • Introducing others to Little Pink Houses of Hope’s website

What is the long-term goal for Little Pink Houses of Hope?
Our hope for the future is to have retreat venues that can maximize the number of participants who can experience a retreat week. We are increasing our number of retreats each year.

Is my gift tax-deductible? How do you get your funding?
Yes, all financial donations are tax-deductible.  Little Pink Houses of Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We receive our funding from fundraising events, volunteers, and donations from the public.  The federal tax ID number is 27-3365488.