Retreat Volunteer FAQ

Little Pink Stories : Volunteers from SMC Creative on Vimeo.

Where will I be housed during a retreat week? 

LPHOH secures housing for all volunstars. Typically, all volunstars will stay in a designated volunteer house. All of your meals, t-shirts, activities, and programs will be included in your donation fee.

What is the expectation for my interaction with the breast cancer families?

It is incredibly important to balance getting to know the participant families to better serve their needs and giving them space for meaningful family time. All volunstars are assigned a family to check in with daily and hold responsibility for reporting any issues, needs, or concerns back to the staff. Each volunstar will also assigned to a daily committee to maintain a successful experience for families. Committees include food preparation, child care, programs and activities, and medical and counseling support. Attempts at honoring your committee request are made

What will a typical day look like? 

The morning will consist of fun family activities (beach games, stand up paddle boarding, arts and crafts, biking, etc.) in which you are expected to participate on some level and help create an enthusiastic environment for families. Between lunch and dinner, families and volunstars will have beach blanket time, which is code for resting, napping, and/or exploring on their own. We understand the need for families and volunstars to have a chance to recharge their batteries, and this time is designed for exactly that. As dinner approaches, it is all hands on deck to get everyone fed. Every evening we host different family activities (movies, game night, parent’s night out, bonfires, etc) for participants, and you are expected to help facilitate.

When do I arrive and when do I leave? 

Volunstars are expected to arrive on the Saturday of their retreat week by 3 PM. Saturday night will consist of training, team building, and getting ready for our families to arrive bright and early on Sunday! Volunstars can leave after the last good-bye on the following Saturday. If you cannot stay for the entire week, please do not apply to be a retreat week volunstar. Although it may be more convenient for you to serve a partial week, we have found that the continuity of volunstars for the entire week is a necessity for our families. Maybe your talents and time constraints can better be served in the capacity of an Enduring Team Volunstar.

How much does it cost to be a Volunstar? 

It is expected that each volunstar will raise or donate $300 towards his or her trip. It is important to ensure the commitment of volunteers through a monetary donation due to the cost of housing, meals, trainings, materials, etc. Please contact our office if you need assistance in how to attain the necessary funds. Returning retreat week volunstars are expected to raise or donate $100 towards his or her trip.

 I am unsure of how I will handle being around people with cancer? 

The great news is that people with cancer are just like you and me- people who need love and support. Training is provided to help volunstars with coping mechanisms, communication strategies, and how to support participants. If you have a heart to serve, your heart will open wide by helping breast cancer families learn to live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper.