Carl Currin is the owner of Carl Currin Construction Company of Creedmoor, NC and has worked hard to establish his business to what it is today. He is married to the love of his life, Jennifer, and together they have two beautiful children.  Both kids are very active in sports and it keeps his family busy.

Why is this important to you? I am dancing in honor of my Mother-in-law Dorothy, who is a courageous Breast Cancer survivor and for my friend Katrina, a Stage IV lifetime fighter of Breast Cancer. I also know what it is like to be faced with a life changing, devastating blow and feel like you have no where to turn. My only sister, Kelly, was murdered in 2008. It was during that time I learned what it was like to be totally helpless. I believe Little Pink is a way for me to help those at a time in their lives when they feel completely helpless. I know nothing erases pain and devastation but I believe there are ways to help a person and a family heal. I have been given the opportunity to help people and I am going to do it. Nothing could make me prouder than to be dancing with my mom on this night!

Wanda Hollis is the beautiful mother of Carl.  She is excited and honored to be dancing with her son.

Why is this important to you? Family is the most important thing we have. This is a wonderful organization.