Reagan Gural is the Vice President with the Alamance Chamber. She lives in Burlington, NC with her husband and son. Reagan learned about Little Pink when she heard Jeanine speak at a Working Women’s Wednesday and she knew she wanted to know more! She is now a huge fan of Little Pink!

Why is this important to you? 
The word Cancer has been a part of my vocabulary for a long time. Breast Cancer specifically has had a significant impact on my life.

In 2010 my grandmother-in-law, Grandma Swanie, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I remember arriving at the hospital in Ohio and in a moment standing outside of her room hugging my Sister-in-law (Renee) and my Niece (Leighton) and telling them “We will get through this together”. That’s what we did, we did it together.

In the winter of 2014 I received one of the most devastating phone calls of my life. It was the news that my mom, Tracy Chandler, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Mammary Carcinoma, Breast Cancer. This completely rocked my world. My family has a very strong bond and we were lucky enough to have an army of people band with us and FIGHT this horrible thing called Cancer. We all knew without having to say a word, we would get through this TOGETHER.

You can see a theme through both stories….. We will get through this together. Families need those opportunities to process and heal, TOGETHER.

I am proud to say that I am dancing in their HONOR. My hope is that through supporting this organization families will find the support they need to power through some of the same challenges my family experienced and that they will get through it TOGETHER.

Craig Miller is a Burlington and Alamance County native and resident; a Greensboro and Guildford county business owner with Allstate Insurance; a cancer survivor; AND someone who constantly dances, either while standing in line or driving! He feels as if he has been preparing for the Little Pink Houses of Hope Dances with the Little Pink Stars gala his entire life! Craig is truly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to join with Reagan.
Why is this important to you? 
My personal experiences tell me that cancer is not fun. Battling cancer is not easy. BUT – the strength we find from the love and compassion of others that go through the experience with us, is not only noticed – but thrived upon. It is the fuel that gives a cancer patient the energy to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We all like to think we are close to with the people in our lives. Well, cancer is the ultimate ‘circle the wagons’ moment – and Little Pink House of Hope provides the perfect time and space for families to fully appreciate those aspects of life. Please consider donating to our cause. The memories and moments that are created through this foundation are priceless, and you will never find recipients that are more grateful and appreciative. I hope everyone is ready to get up from their tables and dance with us! Let’s go Team Reagan!