Shelia Boswell Oliveira is the AVP, Organizational Development for LabCorp in Burlington, NC. She is a native of Alamance County, and has two wonderful children, 8 and 14. Sheila was a 6th grade teacher in Alamance County, then made a career change to LabCorp, where she has been almost 18 years. She feels very fortunate to work for a company who cares so much about patient lives and is a leader in women’s health including genetics testing for breast cancer.

Why is this important to you? Lucy, Lois, Melvia – my grandmother, mother, and aunt. Cheena, Lisa, Mary, Eleanor, Tammy, Karen and Angie – my co-workers and their families. Brandi, Beryl, Diane, and Janie – my friends. Tracy – my very first childhood playmate and confidant. These are just a few of the many women and their families in my life that I have seen go through the Breast Cancer journey. These women and their families, as well as all the women battling this disease while still being a wife, mother, friend, employee, and spouse are why this is important to me.

I was in college when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I can personally say the time I spent with her during the diagnosis and treatment was both stressful and meaningful. I would have loved access to an organization such as Little Pink to provide my family with much needed time together in a non-medical environment. I attended the Gala for the first time last year, and was moved by the testimonies of the families touched by Little Pink.

This mission is important. More than 200,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. They all have a family. A Little Pink retreat cannot take away cancer, BUT cancer cannot take away the precious memories and time shared with breast cancer patients and their families.

Chris Morgan is Sheila’s dance partner!