The Mayer Family’s Ocean City Retreat

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Lisa Mayer
2017 Participant/Breast Cancer Survivor
June Ocean City, MD

When I received the phone call that I won a retreat to Ocean City, Maryland from Little Pink Houses of Hope I was in disbelief. How could I be so lucky to have won this for my husband and I. It came at a perfect time when we were both so stressed out financially, physically and mentally. At first, my husband didn’t want to go but I persuaded him!!

The staff was so amazing from making sure we had everything in our house to being genuinely concerned about my health and wanting to know about our kids and granddaughter. They were so happy and full of life that it was so easy to forget about the stresses of bills, how exhausted we were from working, and how mentally we needed a break from cancer. The volunstars did everything for us and it took a while to just sit back and relax!

It was so nice to have a connection with all of the woman on the retreat. To see the look of happiness in their eyes and to watch them relax like I was. The paddle boarding, kayaking, bicycle riding, and water park were things that I wouldn’t have seen myself doing. I’ve gained 30 pounds since I was diagnosed with cancer almost 2 years ago and it has stopped me from trying new things but not on this retreat!! It was so nice to have so much fun with other people and laugh and cry!! I was so touched by the generosity and love that people gave to us from the owners of the condo to the restaurants that made food for us, businesses that donated items and activities and most especially to Little Pink Houses of Hope for all the work they put into making this a memory that I will never forget.

My husband laughed so much and cried and bonded with men who struggle with the same grief he is going through. I would recommend this retreat to any woman who is fighting this fight and for her family. I remember the look on everyone’s face the first night we arrived to not knowing what to expect to the last night when everyone was hugging and crying. Thank you again Little Pink Houses of Hope. I am truly blessed to have taken part in something so amazing! May God bless your continued efforts as you touch the lives of so many!

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