“And You Thought Going on a Retreat Was Great; being a VolunSTAR is Even More Amazing!”

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Elaine Case
September Lake Tahoe, CA

Having been a past recipient / participant in an LPHOH retreat, I can honestly say that being on the other side of the event as a VolunSTAR truly rivals the former experience! It was unexpectedly fulfilling to serve these families and to see the relief, happiness, and joy in their eyes. The strengthening of the bonds, both within individual families as well as among families who got to know one another on the retreat, will have positive and lasting effects. This warms my heart immensely. And the bonus of the potential for PHYSICAL improvement among the participants with breast cancer as a result of the week’s activities and connections is absolutely the cherry on top! Being a part of a truly selfless group of VolunSTARS whose mission it was to cradle each family in their loving, caring hands was POWERFUL! It was a grounding reminder that we are all connected to one and other and that the best part of life is GIVING without expecting anything in return.