Christine’s Legacy

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I need to tell you a story about a wonderful woman.  Christine was accepted into a retreat years ago with her family, but she could not attend because of medical treatments.  She called me a few months later and said, “I think that you need to do a retreat in Tahoe”.  I listened, she talked, we plotted, and dreamed about a retreat in Tahoe.  Christine is the catalyst for over 50 families being able to attend a retreat in Tahoe over the past 5 years.  This was a journey for her that was about creating something great out of her cancer experience.  Every step of her planning and being a retreat coordinator included her loving husband Bill and her adorable son Tyler.

Over the past 5 years, while she was selflessly giving to others, she was also dealing with a body that was ravaged by cancer.  Last week while we were in Tahoe on our retreat, Christine was back at home taking her last breaths.  To lose one of our retreat leaders is devastating.  To lose Christine is unimaginable.  When I look back at the laughter and the tears that we shared, there is a connectedness that I can’t explain.  If you could have seen her on a retreat you would have been so inspired.  She gave each and every person attention, love, compassion and every ounce of herself that she had to give.  Her faith carried her strong and her love will forever remain in our hearts.

To her husband and son- she has created an amazing legacy that will help so many families on the breast cancer journey.  I will continue to tell the story at each Lake Tahoe retreat about the beautiful woman, Christine that opened up her heart and pushed to create an environment of love and tranquility in Tahoe.  We will continue to pray for your family and surround you in our love.

Jeanine- LP Founder and President