Family Spotlight: “The Best Medicine” by Tammy Casper

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On my retreat, I found my pathway to peace. I had to accept my journey, but not let it define me. I became more aware of living in the moment and being thankful for where you are right now.  During your cancer journey, you need a break from scans, chemo, doctors, surgery, pills, and sickness. This organization is the “best medicine”! At a time when every family member is affected this trip gives you a sense of normalcy, fun, smiles, love, and understanding!

My trip to Oak Island NC in 2014, was above and beyond what we could ever had imagined. It was and instant connection with strangers! My husband and children got to see that other people are experiencing what they are. It’s not just my mom or wife that is sick. The love given to you and your family everyday by the volunstars is amazing. A week with others experiencing the same thing as you gives you hope! You also make some life long distant “little pink family”! My trip will forever be a cherished memory of my cancer journey!

Tammy Casper from Canonsburg, PA 

Oak Island Retreat 2014