Family Spotlight: “Living, Loving Fiercely, and Laughing Hysterically” by Shannon Chavez

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We truly enjoyed our retreat! Not having to worry about anything for 1 week was just the break we needed as a family dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It gave us time to breathe, to enjoy and to remember what is important during a frustrating time. It was an amazing experience with amazing people while putting cancer on the back burner and “Living, Loving Fiercely, and Laughing Hysterically”.

They reach out and provide a wonderful experience for a woman and her family after being diagnosed with cancer.  It’s such a wonderful thing to do for someone and knowing that a family just needs a breather from the chaos created from a cancer diagnosis its exactly what someone needs as they go through the hardest time of their lives.  Little Pink is unique in the fact they practice what they preach.  They give to others wholeheartedly with no reservations and it all began with 1 amazing woman who becomes a friend not just an acquaintance along the way.

Shannon Chavez from Gretna, Louisiana

Gulf Shores, AL Retreat 2014