Property Spotlight: Ocean Lakes Family Campground @Myrtle Beach, SC

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Ocean Lakes Family Campground

6001 South Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC 29575
Reservations: 1-800-722-1251
Email: info@oceanlakes.com

The team at Ocean Lakes Family Campground opens our arms and our facilities for Little Pink Houses of Hope every October so these special guests can enjoy a much-needed hiatus from the toll of the treatments, the worry over medical bills and the stress of everyday life.

But here’s a secret: Our team gets just as much from their stay as they do.

“If you just go down there and sit in with the group – it’s amazing,” Ocean Lakes Operations Manager Kevin McWhirter said. “This event is exactly what they need. They forget about all the medical bills and treatments. They are out having fun … They just really enjoy themselves.”

Kevin – who has taken the lead to coordinate details at Ocean Lakes with Little Pink organizers – knows how much having that quality family time means. His mother, Carol, passed away from breast cancer in 2000; the cancer moved so fast that his family didn’t have the chance for special family time like Little Pink provides.

“I can appreciate that with what I went through,” Kevin said. “In certain circumstances, there’s not that opportunity.”

When the retreats started in Myrtle Beach in 2011, Kevin took on the task of coordinating details so families can have the genuine family time without the distractions of the illness, which his family didn’t have the chance to have.

During their stay at Ocean Lakes, patients through Little Pink can simply be. Take in the beach. Explore all Myrtle Beach has to offer. Have a date night out at a restaurant while the kids enjoy a special party night with pizza and crafts in our Recreation Center. Experience that genuine, quality family time that is so special for the entire family.

We provide golf cars to get around our 310-acre oceanfront campground, tokens for our arcade, pizza and more to ensure these special guests make the most of their stay. Ocean Lakes has hosted about 400 family members through Little Pink since the retreats began in Myrtle Beach.

Breast cancer patients have good days and bad days, but “when they come here, it’s always a good day,” Kevin said. “It’s very rewarding to know our team is helping make that happen.”

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